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Name:Ronald 'Mac' McDonald
Birthdate:May 11

Mac is a co-owner of Paddy's, the self-proclaimed "Sheriff of Paddy's", and is generally the pub's most active manager.

Mac carols his signature line, "What's up, bitches?", throughout the series. In many episodes, Mac will enter the bar announcing "I've got news", or a variation on that basic idea, to set the episode's plot in motion. The others rarely share his enthusiasm, but he usually convinces one of them to follow him, though often reluctantly. Throughout the series, Mac flashes his signature "puppy-dog look" when he is ashamed or when he proposes something reprehensibly shameful, which is often.

Mac comes from a broken home; his father has been incarcerated for dealing meth and his mother is extremely apathetic and unemotional. Mac and his mother also own a dog named Poppins, who despite being extremely old and prone to eating poisonous objects appears to be practically indestructible. He sees himself as a karate expert and total "badass". Mac constantly seeks the acceptance of others, especially his parents, but his over-earnest efforts make him come off as an "asshole."

Mac sincerely believes that he is an adept martial artist with "cat-like reflexes", and he usually wears sleeveless shirts to draw attention to his physique and to exhibit his tribal tattoos. Despite his apparent fitness, Mac generally focuses his workout time on developing his glamor muscles and is largely the weakest member in The Gang, behind everyone but Dennis. Despite his enthusiasm towards karate, he is shown to have no real expert (or basic) skills when showing off his talent.

Throughout the series there have been insinuations that Mac is a closeted homosexual. This is manifested by his obsession with men's physiques, his dating of a "pre-op" transsexual, and his reactionary religious views on homosexuality.

((Disclaimer: I am not Mac. I'm also not Rob McElhenney. Neither he or Mac belong to me. Character and player are both over 18.))
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